Expansion of provincial road No. 194 on the section Poznań-S5 junction Gniezno South in Ligowiec, including the demolition of the existing viaduct and construction of new viaducts over railway line No. 395 Zieliniec-Kiekrz.

Contract value: 16,292 mln PLN gross
Completion date: June 8, 2026

The provincial road No. 194 connects the northeastern outskirts of Poznań with Gniezno, where it intersects with the S5 expressway at two junctions. Previously, this route operated as national road No. 5, and its current designation came into effect upon the opening of the S5 expressway between the A2 motorway and Gniezno. Provincial road No. 194 plays a significant role in the transportation network of the Poznań agglomeration, connecting the city of Pobiedziska, which has nearly 10,000 inhabitants, with Poznań and Gniezno, as well as several large villages where the population is steadily increasing due to suburbanization.

The road practically runs parallel to railway line No. 353, connecting Poznań, Gniezno, Inowrocław, Toruń, Iława, and Olsztyn, which intersects with the Poznań Freight Bypass in Kobylanka. This bypass runs through the area of Ligowiec, under the railway line No. 353 and provincial road No. 194, non-intersecting, passing under viaducts. The viaduct along provincial road No. 194 is due for demolition and will be replaced by a new structure at the same location.

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Funds for Greater Poland 2021-2027 program and from the budget of the Greater Poland Voivodeship self-government.

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